Welcome to our download section.

Here you will be able to download videos of presentations and associated handouts for classes that have been held. The downloads are in PDF and MP4 format. This page is for participants of Springfield SpringTech Group only and not to be shared. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: The video files are of the presentations, some are narrated. On average there are about 10 seconds on each slide. You can, of course, Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind. All of the links below should open in a new browser tab.

TitleFile TypeLink
Android BasicsVideo – MP4Android Basics Narrated Presentation
Cord CuttingVideo – MP4Cord Cutting Narrated Presentation
Cord Cutting ResourcesPDFCord Cutting Resources 04-2019
iPhone/iPad Part 1Video – MP4iPhone Part 1
iPhone/iPad Part 2Video – MP4iPhone Part 2
iPhone Quick ReferencePDF iPhone Quick Reference
iPad Quick ReferencePDF iPad Quick Reference