Google Meet Adds a ‘.new’ Domain Shortcut to Quickly Start Video Calls

It’s been a long time since Google introduced its ‘.new’ domain shortcuts, which allow you to quickly open new documents or slideshows by typing,, and into your address bar. Now, anyone can fire up a Google Meet call with the handy shortcut.

The shortcut takes you straight to the “Meeting Ready” screen, where you can quickly organize a call or join a scheduled meeting. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, then the shortcut will bring you to your “primary” account. You can choose a different account by appending the link with a /1 or a /2 (this trick can get messy if you have a boatload of Google accounts).

Google rarely talks about its ‘.new’ domain shortcuts, but they’re worth memorizing (or bookmarking). If you’re interested, Google has a relatively comprehensive list of ‘.new’ shortcuts on its blog. Some of the standouts, like for Google Calendar and for Bitly, might help streamline your workflow.


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