How to Turn on DNS Over HTTPS For All Apps in Windows 10

Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) can make your web browsing more secure by hiding the websites your computer is accessing from outsiders. We’ve covered turning on DoH in your browser, but the newest Windows Insider update adds a system-level DoH setting to Windows 10. It’s incredibly handy.

Turning on Windows 10’s system-level DoH will enable DNS over HTTPS for all browsers installed on your PC that support it, plus any other internet-based programs that can use it now or in the future. Brave, Chrome, Edge Chromium, Firefox and Opera all currently support DoH, but until now you had to configure each browser’s DoH settings individually—a tedious process if you used more than one. Using the Windows 10 DoH applies your PC’s internet adapter so that every browser or app that accesses it will use the same DNS settings.

While Windows 10’s DoH feature is currently only available to Windows Insiders, its presence in the latest updates implies that a public release could be happening soon. If you want access to Microsoft’s system-level DoH early, though, we’ll show you how to get it.

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