OneDrive Gets Differential Sync Support for All Users

Microsoft’s OneDrive is getting a massive new feature for all users: differential sync. If that does not make a lot of sense to you, let me explain.

When you modify and update a file on a service like OneDrive, it would usually upload the entire file to sync the new changes. This is not a big problem for small files, but it can be quiet time consuming and use a lot of bandwidth for when making tiny changes to a large file that leads to the entire file being uploaded every time.

With differential sync, OneDrive will only upload parts of the file that changed. So instead of the entire file being uploaded every time you make a change to it, OneDrive is only going to upload parts of the file that changed. This is obviously much more sensible, as it will save bandwidth and time.

OneDrive actually had differential sync for some files and users in the past, but the rollout has been quite staggered.

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