Heads Up: Sling is Raising Its Prices

But, they are adding additional channels…

Bummer. Get ready for a price hike if you subscribe to Sling TV. Starting today (December 23), signing up for either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue packages will now cost $30 instead of $25, and subscribing to both Orange and Blue will now cost $45 per month instead of $40.

The new pricing is effective immediately for new subscribers, and if you’re already signed up to the service, you should see the higher rates on your bill after January 22. This increase comes at about the same time that other TV streaming services are also raising prices, making it a bit tougher to pick between them if you’re a bargain hunter.

According to the blog post written by Sling TV President Warren Schlichting, it’s not a decision that the company wanted to make, but one that was necessary to offset the higher prices Sling and other streaming services are facing from the networks who own your favorite content.

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