What Is Doxing, and How Do I Prevent It?

Think you’re anonymous online? Think again

The word doxing, or doxxing, originated out of “documents,” or “dropping docs,” eventually shortened simply to dox.

Doxing refers to the practice of searching, sharing, and publicizing the personal information of people on the web on a website, forum, or other publicly accessible venue. This could include full names, home addresses, work addresses, phone numbers (both personal and professional), images, relatives, usernames, everything they’ve posted online (even things that were once thought private), etc. 

Doxxing is most often aimed at regular people who are using websites anonymously who aren’t necessarily in the public eye, as well as anyone those people might be associated with: friends, relatives, professional associates, and so on.

This information can be revealed privately or it can be posted publicly. 

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