Do You Know Your Texting Abbreviations and Web Jargon?

Today, it’s all about the handheld internet. Our messages need to be short and thumb-friendly for typing but we still need to pack in meaningful information along with the baseline ingredients of courtesy and etiquette.

Hundreds of bizarre jargon expressions have spawned as a result. Primarily about shorthand, the new jargon saves us keystrokes to say THNX or TY (thank you) and YW (you’re welcome). The new jargon also conveys spontaneous emotion and personal expressions (‘O RLY’, ‘FML’, ‘ISTG’, ‘OMG,’ ‘YWA’, ‘OFC’).

Below you’ll find a list of the most common modern text message and chat expressions. All of these expressions may be typed lowercase or uppercase as a matter of personal style.

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