Where to Place Your Router for the Best Wi-Fi Speeds

If your home Wi-Fi seems slow in some rooms, your router might not be in the best location. Wi-Fi doesn’t travel far—especially through metal and concrete. So, it’s important to determine the best place for your router.

Yes, Router Placement Matters

It’s tempting to stick your Wi-Fi router wherever you have space, without giving it much thought, but that’s a mistake. A Wi-Fi signal only travels so far, and the more walls, bookcases, or other materials it encounters, the shorter that distance becomes. If the internet seems slow or spotty on your phone or tablet, check your Wi-Fi signal strength and check for channel interference.

If you find you don’t have a stable signal in certain areas of your home—even on clear channels—it’s time to consider moving your Wi-Fi router. It might not be in the best place to reach all the corners of your home.

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