Last Pass – Full Tutorial

Password management is a major problem for a lot of people and today I would like to demonstrate the solution which I feel at this point is the best option on the market.

The problem with storing your usernames and passwords in a document, hidden in a contact file, in a notebook, etc. is that all of these methods usually result in you using the same passwords for a lot of different websites. That ALSO means that if any of those websites ever get hacked, your information may be used against you. That is why you need a password management solution like LastPass.

This class will walk you through the process of importing your old usernames and passwords, using LastPass’s tools to change those passwords to something more complex, and as always, a bunch of helpful tricks along the way. It should be noted that it doesn’t really matter which password manager you use, the most importing thing is that you do SOMETHING so that all your passwords are different and you have a way to get access to that information on your most important devices (phones, tablets, computers).

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