Best Digital Literacy Websites: 32 Great Resources and Tools

Having strong digital literacy skills is slowly becoming an essential component of today’s world. The Internet and digital technologies have had an impact on society that cannot be ignored, and the attitude that it’s too difficult, too time-consuming, or not worth it to learn digital literacy skills is no longer accepted. Digital skills need to be learned, and it follows then, that they need to be taught. Whether you are the teacher or the student.

Check out the list below of some of the best digital literacy websites, they are 100% free to use!

MediaSmarts – “Digital Literacy Fundamentals”
This article examines the umbrella of digital literacy, and all of the aspects, principles, skills, and competencies related to it, especially the relationship between digital literacy and becoming a digital citizen.

Edutopia – “Digital Literacy is the Bedrock for Lifelong Learning”
This article is about how learning computer literacy skills helps you on your path to the lifelong learning of other skills, and is an opening for you to engage with other ideas, and bridge the digital divide.

TechBoomers – “Importance of Digital Literacy: 13 Ways It Can Improve Lives”
An article about why learning digital skills is so important, and a list of 13 ways that learning technology can improve your life, such as saving you time, money, helping you stay safe, and understanding how your digital actions impact your life when you get off the Internet.

Educause – “From Written to Digital: The New Literacy”
An article about how digital literacy is the key to success in the modern world, and is becoming equally as important to learn as literacy, which up until recently, was the standard key to success. It also highlights additional skills that digital literacy provides that traditional literacy does not.

informED – “20 Things Educators Need to Know About Teaching Digital Literacy Skills”
This article breaks its points down in easy lists, such as “5 teaching practices that destroy digital literacy” and “15 habits to cultivate in your studies,” which can really help if you are trying to teach technology to students.

BBC Webwise – A Collection of Articles on Digital Skills
Brought to you by the world-famous British Broadcasting Corporation, this website contains a collection of articles on various computer literacy topics to help you learn, and increase your basic knowledge of technology.

GetSafeOnline – A Collection of Articles on Digital and Internet Safety
A collection of digital literacy articles you can easily browse, that focus on Internet and digital safety topics specifically. If you’re concerned about brushing up on safety, start here!

Course-style websites

What it is: Websites that provide you with structured learning, generally separated into sections based on topic or theme. As you progress through a topic, your knowledge will increase. At the end, usually some form of verification of your completion will be provided, so you can keep track of your progress.

Best for: When you want to follow a more traditional learning style for improving your digital literacy, or need inspiration for creating your own course. – Free courses for popular websites and apps
TechBoomers has over 100 free online courses available for use in any format, including personal, or for classroom use. From social, online shopping, e-learning, communication, online dating, basic Internet safety, and so much more, you can learn everything you need to about the most popular online websites and apps, and how to keep yourself safe online. – Free online learning
GCFLearnFree is another free online website to help you learn many basic skills, including courses on computer and Internet skills, typing, technology, Microsoft Office, and more. Simply search for a topic and work through an online tutorial as you learn. – Discover how proficient you are
The Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment is a great way to see what level you are currently at if you aren’t a beginner. You can also work through modules, starting wherever you like, to improve your basic skills for computers, the Internet, Windows, Mac, email, social media, and more.

Intel Education – Learn the basics of computers and how to use them
From Intel, the creators of some of the world’s best computer processors, comes a series of introductory modules regarding computers and operating systems, the Internet, word processors, multimedia, and more! If you’re just getting your first computer, this may be a good place to start!

Coursera – Online learning for any topic, including digital literacy
Coursera is an amazing online resource with free (and some paid) online courses that you can enroll in to learn about almost any topic. If you’ve already got basic computer skills down, some great courses you may want to check out include Information & Digital Literacy for University Success and News Literacy Lessons for Digital Citizens. If you want to learn more about how Coursera works and how to use it, check out the TechBoomers course on using Coursera.

LearnMyWay – Introductory modules for using the Internet
Browse through topics such as “Using your computer or device,” “Online safety,” “Finding a job online,” and “Managing your money online.” With LearnMyWay, not only are you getting basic Internet skills, but you’re getting lessons on topics that will help you significantly, such as online money management or finding employment.

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