Best 23 Chrome Extensions for Security, Productivity, and More – 2018

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Internet browsers in the world, and part of the reason is the massive library of extensions it has. These miniature add-on programs give you a huge degree of flexibility and customization when it comes to how you browse the World Wide Web, and what else you can do while doing so. But which ones are worth an install, and which ones will just take up space?

Here’s a quick look:

  • What is a web browser extension?
  • Top 6 Chrome extensions for security and privacy
  • 6 best productivity extensions for Chrome
  • 6 must-have Chrome extensions for interface management
  • 5 best Chrome add-ons for everything else

Are you ready to expand your web browsing capabilities? Great! Then let’s get going!

NOTE: Many of these are also available for other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

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