How to block people from tracking when you open or read their emails

When and where you open emails should be your business and your business alone

Marketers and advertisers always want to know more about you, especially how you interact with the stuff they send you. Email tracking isn’t new, but if you don’t or haven’t taken steps to prevent it, chances are it’ll still happen to you.

It’s pretty easy for any email sender to know when you’ve opened an email they sent you and also glean other information, such as where you are, whether you’ve clicked a link, and the kind of device you were using. It involves inserting a transparent 1 pixel by 1 pixel image into the email, and when the email is opened, the website the image is hosted on is notified of these details. I used to work in marketing, and that was how we tracked newsletter opens, and today there are many CRM products that do the same, including Streak and Yeswear.

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