Smartphones for Seniors – The Basics

Learning a technology is never painless. What I seem to hear over and over again is: ‘I got a new Smart Phone but I don’t know how to use it‘? Let me start by saying that I really take exception to the term ‘Smartphone’.  It’s not a smartphone, but what you really have is a mini-computer that will also make phone calls.

One of the first decision you will need to make is whether to go with an iPhone (Apple) or Android (Google).  For those of you not in the know, this refers to the OS(operating system) of the smartphone. All Apple products use iOS (iPhone operating system). Most other smartphones use Android which was basically originated by Google.

Tip: If your home computer is using Windows, then you may want to consider Android, if on the other hand, if you are already using Apple products, an iPhone may be the correct choice. Here is a good article onHow To Choose A SmartPhone‘.

Now its time to learn how to use it.


Android Tutorial

iPhone Tutorial

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